Standing between 5'-5'1" these aspiring filmmakers give definition to the saying: "Small but terrible."

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5-foot Productions teamed up with B42 Productions and created a music video for a rising indie band on the local airwaves: RomCom - an Indie Pop band from Manila whose music makes you feel like you’re in a John Lloyd movie. 



Kiko de Dios and Lea Mercado

along with:
Cedrix Lopez, James Buenaventura, Romain Lazaro, Trisha Yalung, Julyn Manuel, Vicky Lozano and Abby Tuangco

Directed by: Abby Tuangco
Screenplay by: Lea Mercado 
Cinematography: Marj Maralit, Doris Arvisu, Abby Tuangco, Lea Mercado and Johnly Kueh Kim Chai
Production Manager: Johnly Kueh Kim Chai
Production Designer: Lea Mercado

Mapúa Institute of Technology, Intramuros
Oriental Gardens Condominium, Makati