Standing between 5'-5'1" these aspiring filmmakers give definition to the saying: "Small but terrible."

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Being a sentimentalist has its ups and downs, on one hand they have great appreciation of moments and memories past, on the other - they sometimes dwell on them doomed to see the opportunities of the present.

"If" is about Jerome and Arrie, two sentimentalists contemplating about the ups and downs of the past, the calamities of the present and moments that make them think: "what IF?".

Nevin Reyes
and Mapua Tekno Teatro’s Rachelle Gimpes.

Directed by Lea Mercado
Written alongside Abby Tuangco
Produced by Doris Arvisu

BG Music:
“Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” by Stars
“Storytime” by Jim Chappell
“Lost in Numbers” by Outerhope